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Welcome to my Dimension!

We must have known each other in the other worlds.

Down here in 3D my name is Mike Bee,
known as the Last Bee, but I’m just a Frequency

Welcome to my little spot on the Net!

I’ve been involved in Music for over 20 years, predominantly as a Singer-Songwriter, Guitarist and Music Producer.  

My work has always combined Spiritual Concepts, Ideas and Colours, long before I knew this was what I was actually doing.  My life’s spiritual journey has always been intrinsically linked to my Music, documented from 2017 with releases as ‘Last Bee on Earth’, a mostly autobiographical Singer-Songwriter journey, from a Multi-dimensional Persepctive.

While that sounds kinda fancy, in truth, I’m just channelling Higher Energies and putting them out into the world.   IT has become increasingly more exciting to see my music spread and grow, especially over the last few years. 

While I have the ability to release records into the world from start to finish, I had to make a decision.   Do I start to release all my music and build up my archive, or do I wait until I can afford to release it with PR?

Due to the amount of material I create, I couldn’t stifle my creative urges anymore so decided to go with the self-release for my own material and haven’t looked back since. 

So THANKYOU if you’re one of the many people that has discovered and supported my music naturally!

In many ways, Musicians are the Sages and Prophets of the Modern World, only recognised by those with ears to listen.  That also includes the Musicians channelling their own music, knowingly or not!

We’re all Notes of an Infinite Song, I firmly believe in this lifetime the world will know this beyond any doubt. 

I hope you enjoy my music releases, art, starmaps, and cosmic scriblings!

You can check out most of my music releases via:

As well as all Major Digital Platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, etc)

Just Search ‘Last Bee on Earth’ or check my Discography for Album Specific Links.





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