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Welcome to my Dimension!

We must have known each other in the other worlds.

She Came From Light


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One Energy Source, Many Faces, Many Hats!

Welcome to my corner of the Universe.

I’ve been involved in Music for over 20 years, predominantly as a Singer-Songwriter, Guitarist and Music Producer.

I have been involved in many great bands over the years as a Frontman or Guitarist (sometimes both) Including The 66, The Pheonix Experiment, Purple Heart Parade, Winachi.

This has allowed to me to travel the venues and stages of the world and fulfil those Musical Dreams and introduce myself to a whole lot of people!

I have always been centred around my own Music,  predominantly releasing under the titles of  ‘Last Bee on Earth’ and more recently ‘Solar Kantari’

My work has always combined Spiritual Concepts, Ideas and Colours, long before I knew this was what I was actually doing.  My life’s spiritual journey has always been intrinsically linked to my Music and the concepts of Sound and Vibration. 

I am also trained as a Quantum Hypnotherapist using the SCHH (Soul Centre Healing Hypnosis) Technique which deals with Navigating Past / Present Lives within the Multidimensional reality (Exciting Stuff, most don’t even know exists!)

This ties in completely with my work as a Sound Shaman which until recently I have predominantly done in Private or Small Groups.

IT has become increasingly more exciting to see my music spread and grow, especially over the last few years in allignment with the rising of Human Consciousness and Awareness.

You can check out most of my releases via:


As well as all Major Digital Platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, etc)

Just use your Search Engine to find Last Bee on Earth or Solar Kantari or check my Discography for Album Specific Links.

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