Welcome to my Dimension!

We must have known each other in the other worlds.


I have A LOT of brand new Albums Out at the Moment, it’s been a busy couple of months!

Solar Kantari – Welcome Back to the Universe

(Guitar Meditations) 


I’ve begun to upload my channelled guitar meditations to the album ‘Welcome Back to the Universe’, starting with 2 tracks ‘Spirit Walk’ and ‘Sky Castle’ – This will be built up on Bandcamp before a Worldwide Release at a later date




Last Bee on Earth



I guess I was always going to be productive during the Apocalypse…

Following the release of my New Album ‘The Great Solar Flash’ a couple of weeks ago, it seems the higher-power wasn’t finished with my quite yet.

There was more to say.

Today I’ve released, Holy Hand Grenade, 7 brand new tracks of Psych Rock, Soul, Beat and Punk Drive, Ripping up and exploding the 3rd Dimension in a Spiritual War cry for the Great Awakening.  

Bandcamp Listen / Download Here> https://lastbeeonearth.bandcamp.com/album/holy-hand-grenade

Apple, Google Music, Deezer, etc Listen / Download Here>


Last Bee on Earth


This Album was unexpected, to me, but right on time.  
Written and Recorded over the last 2 weeks during Lockdown at my home studio, I present the follow up to ‘Prism Break’,
 ‘The Great Solar Flash’ 
Released as a track a day via Bandcamp, the full 10 track album is now available on Worldwide Release 
As a musician myself who’s income has stopped during this time, I want my music to be available to those that can’t afford music at this pivotal time in the history of Humanity.  

Things are Happening, Seen and Unseen.  That is what this Album is about.

I Hope You Enjoy The Soundtrack x 

Worldwide Release on 6/6/2020Available Now on Bandcamp 


APPLE, GOOGLE MUSIC, DEEZER, etc > https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/lastbeeonearth/the-great-solar-flash


1. Self Isolate / Self Oscillate (2020) 

2. See Through The Veil, The Night Will Pass

3. I Say One Thing, You Hear Another? 

4. Seaview

5. We Are The All

6. Victory to the Light (The Great Solar Flash) 

7. I AM Starseed

8. Dark Night of The Soul

9. Wave Coming

10. New Earth 

Solar Kantari – Music from the 5th Dimension (Meditation and Soundtrack) 


Composted entirely in 432hz this is my first Release under my new 5th Dimensional Identity, Solar Kantari. 
The response to this has been… incredible, breathtaking! I am overjoyed so many of you have told me how much you love this.  
This is an Ambient, Meditative, Soundtrack designed to help raise your vibration, settle you into a relaxing state, or aide you in your cosmic adventures and take you to ‘Another Place!’ 

Listen or Download Now on Bandcamp



Last Bee on Earth – Akasha EP

Compared to the 3rd Dimensional Skin Shedding of ‘Prism Break’ you’re in for a much deeper, meditative journey with Akasha!
3 tracks are composed in one of my favourite frequencies 432hz, for that added source touch!

Bandcamp Download / Stream

I-Tunes / Apple Music / Deezer / Spotify / Many More https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/lastbeeonearth/akasha

The reception to ‘Akasha’ has been fantastic.  I’ve sat back amazed watching it make playlists, peoples favourite lists, it has it’s own life-force!

Thank you so Much! 



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