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I’m not going to explain where I dissapeared to this time… 2020 / 2021 –

Hey World…

Even for someone who intermittently falls into Wormholes and appears several years later, it’s safe to say 2020 and 2021 even took me by surprise. I released a lot of Music in 2020, music that felt like it could only make sense within the context of 2020.

It wasn’t the world changes that took me by surprise, It wasn’t even The Virus, Corruption, Lies and blatant Manipulation… none of those things surprised me whatsoever, nor I imagine surprised anyone who has been paying attention over the past few decades.

The thing that surprised the most was the ease in which fellow Humans we’re set up and pitted against other so easily. Whether it be Masks, Freedom or Speech or everyone’s favourite ‘V’ word (Vacation, that would be nice!) all things are now a point of contention, or a hammer used to verbally hit your neighbour over the head with. If you’ve any concerns about the V, you’re a dispicable Anti-Vaxxer that’s killing Grandma, nothing but complete subserveance to the Narrative, true or not, is accepted in the new-normal.

Humanity is being played like a Fiddle and there’s a lot of people dancing while Rome Burns.

But I have Questions I think are legitimate?

That’ll be a 20 day ban on your favourite social media network!

We’ve entered the realms of the Babel-Fish. We’re seemingly speaking the same langauge, yet we can’t understand each other. Where words once worked, now Frequency, Energy and a sense of knowing (or not knowing) provide more clarity than the old concepts of langauge.

Not to say that langauge isn’t alive and well, becase everywhere we turn we’re reminded that the powers-that-be only want to keep us ‘safe’ and healthy, they are using the very notion of langauge and ‘spelling’ against Humanity. They are repeating and repeating and repeating and attempting to drill a version of reality into your mind, because once you’ve bought into it, you’ll create that reality for yourself and others. In truth, that’s the only way it really works – they get us to Manifest their souless world.

So where is this heading?

I and many others, amongst a multitude of infinite possibilities, do see a split occuring…

This could be looked at as a split of Energies, those who follow the Mainstream Narrative and those who do not. That, of course, is a very simplistic way of looking at the situation, certainly with so many caught in a state of limbo.

There has always been two types of energies on this planet – because this is a world of duality… (Pepsi and Coke, Red vs Blue, This vs That, Male vs Female) but we’ve been unable until very recently, with the influx of new higher energies, to see and recognise the differences between them.

Are you Service to Self, or Service to Others?

The Higher Truth is, everyone is exactly where they’re meant to be on their Journey. That includes being in the throes of all the 3D mind-traps and pitfalls mentioned above.

Our soul often makes decisions our Human Side struggles to comprehend until reflected upon later on.

We might be one Human Consciousness broken into 9 billion parts, but maybe not all of those parts are heading to the same destination. At a Soul Level, you’ve already decided your Path and Journey, you knew exactly which route you were planning to take here on Earth… You decided your role during ‘The Great Awakening’ and now you’re playing it out on the world stage!

As I write these words in February 2021, for many, the world has never been in a stranger, more surreal place. There’s also something else hanging around just out-of-sight, but it’s close now… it knows what is happening, it’s been waiting for the right moment to intervene…

That something that’s waiting to show itself, is YOU. The real SOUL YOU.

You’re a chip off the old (Fractal) block 🙂


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