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The 5th Dimension is Here! It’s Available Now!

Yes indeed!

Both the 5th Dimensional Energies and my new album ‘Music for the 5th Dimension’ are here and available for ALL if they so desire!


I’ve loved making this album, made completely using the 432hz frequency and other sonic tools. It’s got a real deep, almost tribal feel to it, mixed in with, hopefully, astral soundscapes and meditative chimes!

Sitting back now, after I’ve hit the release button. I’m not even sure where this album came from, it just kind of appeared over the last couple of weeks as I slipped into the Universal Flow following a bout of flu.

I think I was being reset! 🙂

I wasn’t actually intended to release it today either, I only intended to upload one of the tracks to the YouTube Channel (which I did)

Then it just kind of happened on auto-spirit pilot!

I posted on Facebook, if this status gets more than 6 likes I’ll post a link, massive thanks to the significantly more than 6 people who did!

I Really hope you all enjoy it and probably best you don’t do any heavy lifting with this one! 🙂

Glad you love it, happy to be of service!


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