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Welcome to Kantari Meditation and Sound Creation!

I’m delighted to welcome you to my new Musical and Spiritual Sound Conduit! A Lifetimes work, Dots joined together!

Kantari Meditation and Sound Creates and Provides original audio content for Meditation, Soundtracks, Epic Journeys, Ambient themes and Alien Chill-Outs. 

I’m really passionate about Music and spreading Sound, Exploring frequencies like 432hz / 528hz, so I will also be providing lots of Free Tools, Meditations and Downloads to aide in Healing, Relaxation or Meditation.

That begins here with this FREE 45 MIN 111hz Delta Wave, designed to aide with Sleep, Relaxation, Connecting to Source! (Oneness)

I’ve obviously used this myself, it’s ridiculously POWERFUL so please don’t drive, operate heavy machinery, go rock climbing, etc!


I also like share content relating to 432hz, 528hz, Ascension, Ancient Tones and Systems, The 5th Dimension, The Supreme Creator and the overall raising of Human Consciousness through sound and music! 

I’m one piece of the puzzle here to help you with your spiritual journey into the higher dimensions of sound, frequency and the love vibration of creation! 

Please check out our YouTube! if you enjoy please ‘Subscribe’ so we can help spread the word!

We’re also on Facebook, You can Find us Here!

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