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About a Bee…

Mike Bee is a Singer-Songwriter, Guitarist, Music Producer, Trained Quantum Hypnotherapist and Voice and Sound Channeller of the Higher Realms / Dimensions


Based in Warrington, UK 

Well known over the past 20 years for his distinctive guitar, musical and vocal style, Mike has been a member and fronted a number of highly acclaimed and influential UK bands.  
His career has seen him play some of the most prestigious venues across the UK, Europe and US as well as working with some of the most talented musicians and producers as well as supporting some of the biggest names in Music.




Born in the South, near Bristol, but relocated to the North (Warrington) as a child, Mike was always interested in the process of creation and creating things, drawn towards subjects like Prophecy, Symbology, Nostradamus, Space and the Universe from a young age.   
As a 12 year old boy, his path in life become clearer when he first heard ‘Voodoo Chile’ by Jimi Hendrix, an experience that would open him up into a world of music, ultimately changing his life.
Years of practice later, with a heavy angling towards traditional blues and jazz music, the self taught guitarist slowly started to develop his own style without the aide of a guitar tutor.
The arrival of a little band called ‘Oasis’ in 1994/6 , increased the passion for music even more, showing him first hand that music could affect society and culture, if for a small moment in time.   He attended his first real gig to watch Oasis at Knebworth Park as a 16 year old.
A year later he would attend the first of 2 music and performance colleges, eventually receiving distinctions.  Not bad for someone who showed little interest for high school or academia!
In line with his music, over the next two decades his interest in all things unseen and the spiritual began to not only increase, but also combine with his musical output.   Improvisation and the pursuit of Free Flowing Music became a major driving force in his development.
Mixing Genres such as Psychedelia, Blues, Meditative and Electronic to create his own unique style, somewhere between this world, the spirit world and the world yet to come.



At around 27, while delving back into drawing and art, Mike began to start automatically writing, impulsively, experimenting with natural states of trance and consciousness.
Ten years later he would experience what is known as ‘The True Spiritual Awakening’ where all the questions he had been searching for most of his life came together to reveal not only answers, but his purpose.
Any negativity was removed from his being, he was a brand new version of himself.
Some people call this Christ Consciousness, Multi-Dimensional Awareness.
Mike would later come to know this intelligence, of which we are ALL part of simply as… ‘THE ALL’.
All he had learnt about Frequency, Music Sound, Motion, Emotion, Langauge, Electricity, Light, Symbology, Prophecy, would all come together into one understanding of how The Universe itself operates and how we’re an intrinsic part of that system.

In 2020 Mike completely his training as a Quantum Hypnotherapist using the Soul Centre Healing Hypnosis (SCHH) Technique which allowed him to embody his Multidimensional Self into his Music and Sound Work at an even great level.

This work continues today with releases as Solar Kantari and Private and Group Sessions Shamanic Sound Sessions, using Sound Healing Techniques  and discussing the Multidimensional Nature of Reality.

Mike also conducts Past (Present) Life Regression although this is only done Privately by word of mouth at the present moment.


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