Mike Bee is a Singer, Guitarist, Tutor and Music Producer from Warrington (UK)

Influenced by a wide range of musical genres and styles including psychedelic, tribal, blues, rock and electronica, whether it’s music or art, the themes of light and dark and are always present, creating a truly distinctive perception of the world.

Well known for his distinctive guitar, musical and vocal style, Mike has been a member of a number of highly acclaimed and influential UK bands.  His career has seen him play some of the most prestigious venues across the UK, Europe and US. 

Mike is well known for his role in Sonic Soul Collective ‘The Winachi Tribe’ who are currently taking the world by storm with their unique brand of Electro Funk and Rock.  2018 has seen the Tribe continue to receive continuous Airplay across the world, as well as being the debut artist featured on The Music Tribe Artist Profiles which was live streamed across the Behringer social networks live from California. 

In addition to Tribe duties, Mike is a relentless songwriter, producing his own material under the title ‘Last Bee on Earth’,

With a debut album in the works, fusing blues, rock, acoustic, world music and spirituality into his perception of the current world, it’s time for the Sonic Shaman to step forth, once more, for the final show to spread seeds of knowledge.

Alternatively, you may just like a good song!


 Mike is also known for being the producer and presenter of the Award Winning ‘Psych Apocalypse’ radio show broadcast  to over 140,000 weekly listeners on the UK’s largest independent radio station, Fab Radio International.  Focusing on Psychedelic music in all it’s various forms.

“My purpose here is to spread sound, knowledge and to document these times we’re living in.  With a clear eye and a musical Arrow.

Music is Magic, Magic is Music.  Sound is ALL. 
Let’s Ride The Wave Together 🙂

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