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Purple Heart Parade

“Mindblowing” was the first word I heard as the lights came on. I couldn’t have put it better myself.”


Manchester’s burgeoning post-industrial bubble was the starry embryonic sac for PURPLE HEART PARADE to spawn their shoegaze fantasies, with Louder Than War dubbing them “a band destined for the stars” and The NME professing admiration for their “squalid feedback”, whilst publications such as “Metro” and broadcasters like the BBC have all been purring at the Mancunian cosmic waves.
For just over 2 years Mike was the guitarist in one of Manchester’s favourite bands, Purple Heart Parade, leaving in September 2016 to pursue his own projects.  

Check out: Purple Heart Parade Here

[Mancunian stargazers and psychedelic upstarts Purple Heart Parade played a show in their home city last week. Louder Than War’s Jason Wynne was there to see it. 

I remember going to watch Exit Calm at Carsons Bar in Middleton and amongst the stellar support acts was a band called Purple Heart Parade (PHP). They stuck in my mind that night and I thought to myself “I must see this band again”.

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