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Firefly, come on down. Into the outside, be free. 


“If it were possible to merge The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, The Doors and The Music into one, then the result would be the sound of The 66. This is music that enters the mind, treats the grey matter like a dance-floor before moving to live happily ever after inside the soul.” March 2010

Formed in late 2007, Warrington’s ‘the 66’ burst onto scene with a unique brand of psychedelic infused indie-rock.  
the 66 quickly found themselves on an upwards trajectory and thrust into the limelight, being especially welcomed in Manchester as ‘one of their own’ and are now considered a cult band not just by the fans, but by many journalists and press who witnessed the incredible live prowess of the band in their prime.
The band released 2 Official EP’s during a whirlwind 5 years before disbanding in 2011, including major festival performances and a relentless gigging and press schedule.
the 66 reformed for a sold out memorial gig at Warrington’s Osale Rooms in 2012 featuring Liam Rimmer on vocals, the younger brother of the 66’s Singer Danny Rimmer who tragically passed that year.
“We will NEVER forget the greatest frontman, brother and friend we’ve ever known.He was a genuine one-of-a-kind Megastar, everyone who ever saw us knew it.  We had thousands of visits and messages to the website afterwards from all over the globe, he achieved his slice of recognition, it just took a little longer for the world to catch-up”

the 66 group photo

the 66 – Bordello, Live on Ourhouse TV – May 2008

the 66 – Bordello, feat Liam Rimmer – Danny’s Memorial Gig 2012

“Descending the stairs into a compact, leery pit of expectation, the first hometown gig from the rugged rock/garage/indie Warrington troupe The 66, is reminiscent to an event at The Roadhouse in Manchester several years back. Back then it was some rising southern misfits who went by the name of The Libertines causing the air of anticipation.  Tonight, it is The 66 stirring things up even before their entrance. This outfit feature Mike Bee (ex The Bridge and Zen Cohen) and the raw strutting young Gillespie influenced vocalist Daniel Rimmer.

 It seems an almost impossible task, but they have somehow snatched the spirit of 60’s psychedelic rock n roll and crammed it into another juggernaut bout of 21st century rock. “Shoot To Kill” finds the band exploring another favourite avenue — clambering, epic, spaced out rock with a thudding beat and melodic mantras. Without breaking much of a sweat, they’re in top gear and broadcasting their magnificent sounds from mountaintops.

WARRINGTON band The 66 are set to play alongside Starsailor at a charity gig in Manchester next Thursday.

Matthew Stansfield
Matthew Stansfield

The Invention Vs Cancer 08 Christmas Party at Moho Live on Tib Street will boast two rooms with performances from bands, DJs and comedians including The Vortex featuring ex–Oasis star Bonehead, Working For a Nuclear Free City, Terry Christian and Dave Bishop.

And The 66 from Great Sankey, Padgate and Newton are set to kick things off with their take on psychedelic, indie garage rock.

WARRINGTON Indie rockers the 66 have been tipped as “one of THE bands of 2009” by the man behind acts including Iron Maiden,Whitesnake, Kate Bush and the Undertones, to name but a few.

the66 have been signed by top London management Hugh Stanley Clarke who has been involved with more than seventy major acts throughout his career as a former EMI and A&R boss.

The-66 black and white

Warrington Music fans will get a chance to see the band in action at the Parr Hall as part of a Warrington Music Collective showcase on September 26.

“It’s the 66 and it’s class, don’t touch that dial..” Clint Boon

Right, time to introduce Manchester’s next – or next but one, or two; these things take time – megastar frontman. His name is Daniel Rimmer, his skinny frame’s wrapped in a very tight girl’s blouse and equally tight jeans riding low on his hips, and he’s got the presence of the young Ian Brown and Liam Gallagher and Bobby Gillespie. Yep, all of them. And a megaphone. And, luckily, he’s the singer with The 66, who’ve got every bit of the sleazy rock’n’roll spirit required to give him context.

Think of Primal Scream when they really rock out with the loose-limbed post-baggy acid blues, and then imagine if they were still in their teens, or not far off. And fuck, can these lads play. Not only in terms of ability and togetherness, but they’ve got the performance bit nailed down too. It’s retro, yeah, but in the sense of instant classics as opposed to old hat. Those gloriously loopy organ lines straight out of some late 60s garage band, punk-fired guitars, and there’s Daniel up on the drumkit, then swinging a strobe light around over his head. The crowd – who by the end of the set comprise not just the usual mates you get with a lot of unsigned bands but pretty much everybody in Dry trying to cram into the back room – love it, and rightly so. The band’s Myspace page tagline reads ‘Good evening Wembley!’, and I think they’re only half joking; there’s just something about these lads that says “massive”.

24th May 2008

The 66 are Warrington’s own echo of the great epic sounds of Madchester. Whilst there’s a traditional slant to their indie rock pop sounds, “Eastern Europe” is a fitting homage to the likes of Ian Brown and The Stone Roses, but with an altogether youthful and accomplished vigour. Whilst the roots of the City’s last big scene date back almost two decades The 66 are the sound of today’s next generation. Given that this band have a total age count that’s probably still below that of The Arctic Monkeys, this is an amazingly complex and tightly performed demo. “City Of Culture” is maybe the band’s theme tune, made up of staccato guitar strums and possibly the best use of whistling on a rock song

“Firefly” delivers something different as it crosses over into the field of dance / electronica with a startling fluidity. The vocals chant along like it’s 1989 all over again. A versatile band with superb timing, neatly completed songs and best of all a party attitude that never erodes their delivery.

“Just when you’re feeling a little jaded with the music scene, along comes a record that jolts you out of your complacency and blows your fucking head off.

The 66 have put together a record that draws from a varied range of influences, however rather just sowing them together to create some bland patchwork; they’ve all been seamlessly woven to create something vibrant and energetic.  This is music that’s dripping with passion from a band that’s flexing its muscles and getting ready to hit the big-time.  Remember where you heard it first. “

“Their name has been ingrained in my sub-conscience for several weeks now, to the extent that I am slightly nervous before seeing them, for fear of disappointment. I shouldn’t have worried. This band is truly epic “

“The 66 channel their garage punk wares into some highly attractive pop terrain- and they know the worth of being jammed between 65 and 67 too….so, yeah, you could mention The Creation or The Seeds but we settle on a blistering blend of The Vines and New York Dolls. “

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