Probably not, but I’m glad you found me anyway!

Like most people with ideas in their heads, I’ve been meaning to set-up this website for a while. I’ve thought about it a hundred times, but it sometimes takes a push or change to get something into the physical realm.

A Last Bee in a Nuclear World...

Last Bee in a Nuclear World…

So this is the push, the great self-actualisation! I recently started looking at all the bands and projects I’ve been involved with over the years, Radio, Tutoring, Producing, as well as my many ongoing musical adventures.  You know, the type of life affirming deep thought stuff that really shits you up when you start looking at gig pictures from 15 years ago!  I’ve played with some truly amazing musicians over the years, they might not be household names, but they should be.

Or should they? these days Talent doesn’t seem to be a major factor in success.  All the best ones are underground.  So I think it’s best we build our own pyramid instead of focusing on that sugary side of the industry!

I’ve gone mild nuclear again haven’t I…

So, err… back to the website.

If I have an idea in my head, I won’t sleep until I get it down or documented somewhere, it’s an impossibility.  The creative energy will just increase until it’s done, so I always submit. [There’s no sleep till it at least partly manifests!] So this trip back in musical time gave me the idea to glue my entire musical life, or at least some major parts of it, together in one central place.  I’m currently in the process of trying to simplify this whole human experience thing, so this is part of that process. (or maybe I’m actually building a pyramid!)

As well as sharing my thoughts on all things in existence (Facebook just isn’t big enough, or suitable!) to do with music, art, life, love, etc this site is also an amazing opportunity for me to share unreleased tracks, eps, and albums from my back catalog as well as new material directly to your ears.  That’s important to me.  I’ve never really chased success, it’s always been about playing that piece of string-wood and trying to convey some sort of magic, or mystery through it for me.  Although I won’t lie, that old seductress has come knocking from time-to-time.  For me, this is all about having a virtual HQ where I can interact with fans and like-minded people directly.

If you’re still reading this, I’m hoping that could be YOU! but don’t worry, if it’s not… we’re still cool and thanks for visiting!

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I started writing this post to see if I could get the Blog working, as a test really.  It initially started life as ‘TESTING TESTING 123!!!’ But once those keys start typing, it often just flows.

I like to improvise! Jazz writing 🙂








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