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Tuition (Guitar / Music)

Please Note – Due to Demand I now only Accept Block Bookings of 4 lessons (minimum)

  Many Thanks!


I’m currently about 90% Booked! But I have a little room for Online Zoom Students and 45 minute to 1 hour Local Students.

Step into my, guitar shaped, office!

No matter whether it’s for fun (fun should always play a part) or if you’re looking to play guitar professionally, I can help you to achieve your goals.

I cover a variety of styles and genres including [but not limited to] Rock, Blues, Indie, Soul, Motown, via both Acoustic or Electric Guitar.

Lesson Style / Atmosphere

Lessons are fun, informative and practical, bringing out the creative side and fun of playing guitar.  Lessons are broken down into separate modules covering topics, techniques and essential knowledge, or maybe you’d just like to learn your new favourite song!

My student and friend Bernie, who I’ve been teaching for many years!

What I won’t do is teach you a scale then spend the next hour watching you struggle to try and play it (as many guitar tutors are guilty of) before collecting my money.

Instead, I work with students to help them develop and nurture their own particular style of playing, which can cover anything from learning the theory of guitar, to the art of song-writing, expression, or helping a student to feel confident enough to perform live – I’m adaptable to all different learning styles and provide regular documentation and audio examples for my students to assist them in their musical journey.

Lessons are fun, interesting and informative!

Age Range

Whether you’re 5 or 95 years old, the guitar is accessible to all!

I have a wealth of experience teaching within Primary Schools so have experience in teaching all different age-ranges and personalities.

Some of my best students are adults who have recently taken up the guitar!  I would recommend 30 / 45 minute lessons for younger students, however I can will work with you to deliver what you would like.

My youngest student is 8 years old, is that to young to learn guitar? I’ve found it largely depends on the student!

Are you suitable?

It truly never is to late to learn, as long as YOU also put the work in as well!  This might just be a minimum of 10 minutes practice every 2 days (it all adds up)

One thing I can’t do is programme a student like a computer without any effort on their side, it takes some practice and dedication.  Many of my students have real natural talent, but my best students are the one’s that put the work in and love to play!

Online / Lessons at your Home

Due to the Changing World, I’ve now had to move most of my Lessons Online to Zoom / Facetime.

As a Registred Business I am also still available for Home Visits within the Warrington Area, or One Off Masterclasses if desired.

So, are you ready to learn?

If you’re interested in lessons please contact me on 

More Info


Lesson Plans / Price (please note, as above I only accept Block Bookings now due to demand) 

4 x 30 Minute Lessons : £80

4 x 45 Minute Lessons : £100

4 x 1 Hour Lessons : £120

Address: Warrington, Cheshire, UK

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