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Album Update 2 (kind of) I’m still here, orbiting in my spaceship… but the view looks very different todaaaaay!

Hi everyone.  I’m still here! (or am I)

So it’s been a few months since I last posted.  If you were paying attention, you may have noticed my absence from (Anti) Social Media over the last few months.  Actually I hope you haven’t been paying attention, because that’s what it wants… YOUR ATTENTION!

Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 13.10.34

Social Media, The Internet, The Television, Politics, Ale… What do these things have in common? They all have their own magic way of stealing time from you… It might not seem like it (at the time) but add up all those seconds and minutes of swiping, clicking, reading, fist-pumping, Box-setting and Ale Adventuring and before you know it, you’ve lost another year of your life without actually getting anything physically or spiritually achieved.  That’s just how Old Father Beard Time prefers it to be, you’re in and out of this life before you even realise what it was and what you were meant to do while you were here.

For a creative person, this time theft is a problem. For me, a very big problem.  I’ve never had problems creating music, since I was young it just flows through me and I act as the amplifier bringing it into being from it’s source! I have had problems with distractions though…

Music and any type of Creativity requires silence.  It was requires the creation of something out of nothing, or indeed sometimes nothing out out of something.  The constant chitter chatter of this, artificial, society and culture is the perfect weapon in trying to combat the beautiful silence where all creative things come from… It’s like putting a plastic bag over the water tap and then wondering where the water has gone.  (IT WAS HERE LAST WEEK!!)

Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 13.15.08

You can’t fully give yourself to this world with all it’s shiny lights and distractions and expect to keep your connection to the source of silence, or the water of ‘creation’, it requires that very famous word that works on numerous levels… BALANCE.

For the past 2 months… that’s what I’ve been doing, getting my own balance back.  Dragging myself out of the lower end of the waveform and building that ladder to climb back to the big star in the sky I came from.  2 months is inaccurate, it’s a life’s work! (it’s the Journey, not the destination, etc)

The Album… 

So… here I am… back on the rock that the devil built but with a sharper eye, focus and purpose…

I knew I needed a break before completing the final songs for the album.  It didn’t take the magic voice in my head to tell me that!

It was strange listening to my album tracks when I returned from a few weeks away.  It was like listening to another persons creation, a version of me just before this updated version re-appeared on the scene after a lengthy absence.  It also gave me some outside perspective of the songs so far, plus a little excitement.

I’ve been writing non-stop since my cosmic upgrade… About 15 songs in just the past two weeks.  Will they all make the final album cut? Well, NO! not unless I’m planning on a double-album as a debut! What it has done is filled in the missing pieces to the album, to the story without spoken narrative that I’ve been building all this time (about 7 months now I think!)

Newly rebuilt Spaceship Lab No.1
Newly rebuilt Spaceship Lab No.1

The great news is that the album is reaching a state of completion song wise.  The next step is to give the tracks a cuddle, make them some Marmalade sandwiches and wish them well as I send them off to Mix Engineer general James in that ole smokey dusty Babylondon for sonic rendering.

That’s the choice now… which tracks do i let sale down the river to begin the final part of their journey in making the Album cut!

Then all the non creative work begins… I better bag me a few gallons of ‘silence’ for that part!! 







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