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Album Update – It’s like that Film, Final Destination! Or Alien.

Greetings All!

Bit of an update as It’s been a manic couple of months since the release Prologue EP!

 Massive thanks to everyone who’s bought, downloaded, or shared the music around the interweb.  There was minimal marketing budget for this release as it’s all being saved for the Debut LP War-chest, so I was gobsmacked to see how much impact it made and is still making.  As well as receiving some cracking reviews and airplay worldwide, It seems there’s especially a lot of humans in Mexico and South America that really dig it!

(Honestly, if you want me to head to Mexico to gig, just let me know.  It’s on the bucket list!

If you’ve not checked out the EP yet it’s available for FREE DOWNLOAD (or donation) via the LAST BEE BANDCAMP / ITUNES APPLE MUSIC / SPOTIFY / and pretty much every other digital retailer on Planet Earth!

While all this has been happening, I’ve had my head down continuing to work on the debut album, it’s not been without it’s problems though (C’mon, these things never go smoothly!)

I could sum it up with one fictitious album title “Last Bee on Earth Presents: 4 new Isolation Coils, 1 Exhaust, 3 new tyres, 1 Broken Audio Interface, 1 blocked ear, severe toothache and a Wounded Stratocaster!”

My Home Studio (Spaceship)

It’s a beautiful site my home studio isn’t it? Well shortly after this was taken and passed around on Instagram (to much universal delight) the audio interface I’ve been using for the past 7 years completely died on me!

Can you Imagine a spaceship with no engine? Well that’s been my situation for the past few weeks, stranded in a beautiful spaceship orbiting earth with no way of recording audio!


Thankfully the kind folks of Ebay and Apogee have now resolved this problem and she’s flying better than ever!!!! I won’t lie, a few weeks headspace was just what I needed to get back on track with… tracking! (that means recording for the non-initiated)


Practices have also begun for Warrington Music Festival 2017 with my rejigged band ‘The Grand Illusion’ for our annual hometown Psychedelic onslaught pilgrimage.  Craig Harman remains like a Monolith on Bass Guitar, we have a new drummer Lewis Roberts from quality new band ‘The Capitals’ and our brethren Paul Glover has re-enlisted to provide sonic key weapons!

These are good ingredients people, just wait till you taste them all together! 😉

It’s mind-blowing, but this will be my 10th consecutive year playing since it began! I don’t really know how that happened.  What can I say, I started this Rock N Roll Game Young! 😉 

A more muscular version of myself from a Parellel dimension playing the very first Warrington Music Festival with Zen Cohen!
A more muscular version of myself from a Parellel dimension playing the very first Warrington Music Festival with Zen Cohen!

They’ll be plenty more news on this gig coming up, but for now – note down Friday 26th May in your Diary, 11:30pm at The Lounge on Springfield Street.

Even Better, here’s the Official Facebook Event!


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