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Brand New Alt-Rock-Psych-Punk ‘Holy Hand Grenade’ Album, Out Now 01/05 Bandcamp Friday

I guess I was always going to be productive during the Apocalypse…

Following the release of my New Album ‘The Great Solar Flash’ a couple of weeks ago, it seems the higher-power wasn’t finished with my quite yet.

There was more to say.

Today I’ve released, Holy Hand Grenade, 7 brand new tracks ripping up and exploding the 3rd Dimension in a Spiritual War cry for the Great Awakening.

Listen / Download Here>

Looking at Social Media and the world today, it reminds me of my ‘conspiracy awakening’ about 14 years ago, where you start to discover who the Monsters are and what they’ve doing… the majority of people are having that experience, it’s just a case of whether someone will accept it or not, before cognitive dissonance kicks in. Ultimately, there is no escaping The Truth!

We are in the middle of an Information War, a battle for the Soul of Humanity.

This is what that Albums about, A Collage of Human Feeling and Rage and Revelation during these strange, revealing and uncomfortable for many, times.

Holy Hand Grenade Track Listening

  1. In the Beginning
  2. It’s Really Happening
  3. Original Fire
  4. We See You
  5. Infinite Buffalo
  6. Did They do It? (Dark to Light)
  7. END 3D

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