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GOD PUZZLE EP is Out Now! Sacred Sound and how it came to… BEE!

Me again! back from a little down time.

I’m delighted to say my New EP ‘God Puzzle’, a 3 track Acoustic, Ambient, Meditative Journey is now available for free Download or Donation.

Download God Puzzle Now

You can read about how it came to be and a bit about sound channelling below 🙂

I was planning to have a few days off.  Spirit had other ideas! 😂

As well as the more traditional Songwriting some of you may, or may not, know I also do a lot of work with Sacred Sound, Healing and Frequencies.  These have really started to mould into one as of late.

I’ve actually done this for years now, but hidden away in my secret lair out of public view.

Lately I’ve let a few more people into this little part of my world via some live Guitar Meditations via the Facebook Live.

I was amazed at how far both meditation videos travelled, reaching thousands of views, shares around the globe.

It’s was a strange, wonderful, thing for me when I recently met people on both sides of the pond who knew about these videos!

What is it? Guitar Meditation?

It’s probably more accurate to call it Guitar Channelling!

Anyone familiar with Meditation may have encountered the sweet spot, where all thoughts cease to be and you enter the Zero-Point.

Many musicians do this without realising that’s what it is, when you’re so wrapped up in the music that you go into autopilot, like an out of body playing experience.

It has been called ‘The Zone!’

To enter ‘The Zone’ you have to be proficient in your instrument, but that doesn’t mean you need to be able to play thousands of notes a second! if anything, it’s the opposite.

If you have an instrument with just one string and 2 notes, then all you need to worry about is those 2 notes and one string! You need to be comfortable with the notes, where they are and how to access them.  You remove the need for thought and complications.

This is why drums are commonly used in Meditation. Apart from the far deeper symbolic use and power of a drum, it’s a simple instrument that anyone can play and use to participate in a meditation.

Thought shuts the door to the void and the void is where music comes from.  Silence, or directed specific thought (no monkeys) helps open it!

I simply apply the principals above to guitar playing.  Following meditation. The silence… the void, comes the music!

I’m in attendance, but also aware that something far greater is flowing through me and out of the front of the guitar. I merely spectating the improvisation!

I hope this has given you a little insight into my Guitar Channelling.  You don’t need to understand any the above to, hopefully, enjoy the music.

If what you’ve read is a little heavy, I’d suggest listening to the EP to wind down a little!

Just enjoy, that’s what it’s there for 🙂

Download God Puzzle Now

I’ve included a bit more info on the individual EP tracks on the Bandcamp Page.  The two meditations, King of the Old / New World, were recorded in 432hz Tuning.

Although not essential to sound healing, I personally love the feel of these tunings.  It was a nice surprise to step back into the body and listen to what had flowed through me afterwards!


Thanks for all the love and Support. I mean that.  If it wasn’t for the thousands of plays and shares of the original videos the EP wouldn’t exist.

Download God Puzzle Now

Peace x LBOE X

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