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Meet The ‘Last Bee on Earth’ – Techno-Magical Folk Apocalyptic Melancholy Headaches!

Time… Where does it go?

One second you’re contemplating plans for 2017 (which I did, heavily!) and the next minute you look up from your Recording Console and it’s nearly April!!!

I have been VERY BUSY in the studio!

You may recall at the beginning of the year I announced I was working on my debut solo album.  It seems a bit crazy to me that after all these years of playing in some top bands that I’ve never actually released anything officially by myself! It just never happened.  It takes up a lot of time being in a band, even more when you’re in a couple of projects!

Well, I believe everything has it’s right time and place so for the past 4 months I’ve locked myself away in my private studio at home, relentlessly writing, recording, overdubbing and crying into a small glass of Whiskey I keep by the window, to remind me what the outside looks like! I won’t lie, Syd Barrett has visited me on a few occasions in the early hours (The Magic Hours) to offer his advice and to remind me that Oxygen is my friend.

I’m really excited with how the Albums coming together.  It’s about half way through the mixing stages at the moment.  I went through a major writing 3 week splurge which saw a lot of new material edging some of the older tracks into the B-side (or future release) Box.

The album will be released under the name ‘LAST BEE on EARTH’.  This has been my private track making moniker for a while and really sums up the whole ‘techno-magical folk apocalyptic melancholy’ vibe of the album.  Can I have that as a dedicated Genre please? Thanks!

I’ve been working with a great pair of ears called James Aparicio who’s been moulding and mixing the tracks into something beautiful, or beautifully disturbing depending on your viewpoint!

I first met James while in Purple Heart Parade when he mixed some unreleased tracks of ours.  I was instantly impressed by the colour, balance and depth of the music.  James has worked with These New Puritans, Factory Floor, Liars, Grinderman and Spiritualized to name but a few.

You really can’t underestimate the power and importance of a good mix! check him out:

So that’s your quick update, there’s a lot to still be done.  More Mixing, Mastering, Press, building a Team of Avengers that can assist and all that essential stuff that makes you want to cry.

But who am I kidding, I’m buzzing and can’t wait for you to hear what I’ve been working on!

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You know how it all works inside this looney bin!
Here’s the Page:

Mike (The Last Bee on Earth)

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