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My God… We Finally Got There! DEBUT EP (Prism Break) UPDATE

Regular readers know the score, I create, wait, release and dissipate before repeating. 

There’s a pattern in my blog posts, I’ve spotted it and we all know I love Patterns!

It was December 2017 I first blog posted about the Debut Album, since then it’s been reworked about 4 times and there’s even been some minor releases in-between.

In that space of time I also joined The Winachi Tribe, toured America twice, visited Italy and teamed up with the Iconic sports band Pantofola D’oro and in summary… achieved some things that I thought weren’t maybe meant to be achieved in this lifetime.  It’s still happening as well, the Tribe roller coaster hasn’t even got into it’s stride yet and I think we all know it’s heading for the stars 🙂

That isn’t even half of it, not even a quarter of the goings on!

While all this has been happening, the relentless drive to finish of the (or, a) full album continued.  Revision after Revision, Tracking after Tracking, Writing after Writing, Thought after Thought, the relentless pursuit of something I can’t even fully explain, but An album that ‘means something to me will do!’

I kind of feel that this is the culmination of all my music making, bands, playing and adventuring over the years.  It seems to have come together into a musical vision I’m finally happy to let loose into the world.

That musical vision will be called ‘PRISM BREAK’ and it is 98 percent DONE! i’ve even named the files ‘Final Mix’ just to be sure! 

It contains 7 songs (so I think that’s classed as an album!) and if you follow me on social media you’ll have seen lots of snippets over the last couple of weeks as I head into the endgame of finishing the release.

I’m really excited, I hope you will be as well!

Stay posted to my socials for more information, it’s a coming REAL SOON! 

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