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A Quest Called ‘Winachi’ Tribe and the never-ending Last Bee album story.

5 months… 

Can’t believe it’s been 5 months since my last blog! In my head I’ve virtually posted a few but this obviously didn’t reach the computer keyboard stage! it’s the thought that counts.

So there’s a bit to talk about… 

Last Bee on Earth

Over the last 5 months I’ve carried on writing more and more tracks for the Last Bee on Earth debut release.  Brother Craig Harman has also been laying some bass down on a few.  If all the tracks I’d written for it were included you’d probably be looking at a 27 track album! not unheard of, but for a debut not many have the attention capacity for that. (me included) It will need trimming, cutting… decisions to be made.

A good chunk of tracks are in the final to nearly finished mixing stage, but It’s gone a little quiet on the mixing front due to other work commitments that have come in so I’ve carried on writing.  I HAVE to get something released in the first couple of months of 2018, possibly a single.  It’s the fake alien invasion and takeover next year, I don’t want it to get buried in the haze of all that nonsense! 🙂

(I’m not ruling out another self-mixed EP release similar to Prologue in the meantime, there’s my disclaimer.  I also know by writing that sentence I’ve also incepted the idea into possible reality!… (50 minutes later – I’m heading into the lab to explore this further) 

The Winachi Tribe 

After standing in on guitar duties for a Winachi Tribe festival appearance earlier in the year (I think it was earlier in the year, my grasp of linear time is loose) I received a phone call a few months later asking if I’d be interested in joining the band on a more permanent basis.

This required a full 4 seconds of chin stroking while I pondered the decision.  Myself and Front Tribesman Liam Croker go way back musically, like the chicken and the secret egg we’ll keep under wraps.  This shady past was also how I first met partner in crime Ant Tribe and right from that early moment it was clear what they wanted to create.  I’ve got loads of respect for people who keep going, know their vision and stick to it. (Including my previous band Purple Heart Parade of which I’m still a fan as I was before I joined!)

Guess what dedication does? fires an arrow straight into the heart of the You-Niverse and MAKES shit happen.  Time is the most valuable commodity, so all of the above was a required ingredient for me.  Combine that with selling your soul and you’re on to a winner!

None of that’s taking into account the infectious, unique musical aspect… here’s something I stole from a biog… 

Imagine the psychedelic Funk of George Clinton oozing with the brooding menace of Massive Attack…imagine the rolling hypnotic beats of The Happy Mondays through the vision and flow of Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five, a sonic soul collective who adhere to no boundaries or formulas, either musically or culturally. Well that band is now a reality: the lyrically explosive, musically diverse, Electro Funk Hybrid known as THE WINACHI TRIBE.

As someone who’s been hard to pigeon-hole myself (they’ll try) I’m all for melting pots and quite simply, The Winachi Tribe is a powerful collective engine of rhythms, funk, dirt and spit! Slow but Fast…

After many years crawling through beautiful Psychedelic worm-holes this is a different type of brew.  More like an Ayahausca Energy Sports Drink! it’s possibly the most funking fun I’ve had playing with these cats in a good while.  It’s also required putting some serious work in to capture the special micro-seconds and tiny groove functions, something I’ve really enjoyed as usually I’m just left to open the wormholes un-assisted! A big mention and thanks to Jamie Mcgregor for all his time working through the parts to get them just right. Evertonian Knowledge Transfer 😉

So what’s on the cards now… 

LOADS… Gigs, Festivals, a Big Hometown Show… The small matter of hitting California for some US tour dates early 2018.  Hollywood, Vegas, The Astral Realm and wherever else the hand of Job takes us.  I’ll say it again… it’s amazing where 6 strings a piece of wood and perseverance can take you.  You write your own script if you can silence those snakes in your head 😉

It’s going to be one hell of an adventure.  So Jump on, in and outer-board!  

The Winachi Tribe Facebook >

The Winachi Tribe – Room with a Zoo (Howie B Remix) Available Now at:

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