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Warrington Music Festival – Friday Night Fear & Loathing at The Lounge Bar – Local Paper Interview

It’s Wednesday, a good 3 days after Warrington Music Festival finished but my head is still full of the fuzz!  

The festival has grown and grown since it began a decade ago.  This years was the biggest and best yet, with an additional day of live music added to the schedule, featuring bands and solo artists all across the towns bars and venues.

Mike Bee - The Comeback King
Mike Bee – The Comeback King

I give an in-depth interview about the history of the festival and my involvement in the latest edition of the Warrington Guardian.  If you can’t pick up a physical copy I’m sure they’ll be a digital version available in the coming weeks.

So in a break with Tradition, it was the Friday night we took to the stage with our newly re-jigged band ‘The Grand Illusion’.  

Welcoming Lewis Roberts on drums into the fold, who also put in a double-shift with his band ‘The Capitals’ who played the same night!)

We were also joined by the immortal key god from Neptune, Mr Paul Glover (The 66, Phoenix Experiment) on keys and confusion! Craig Harman omnipresent on bass and swagger duties.

The Grand Illusion

Having been locked away working on my solo album for months and months, it’s been ages since I’ve been involved in full band practices.  This was also a little different as we were throwing in some of my Last Bee on Earth solo material into the set, as well as following the golden rule of improvisational chaos with a number of our heavier tracks.  What can I say, Bandcamp was a lot of fun this year!

So, back to the Friday night.  I say Friday, but technically we didn’t hit the stage till early Saturday morning around 12:15am.  

IT didn’t help that one of the bands on the bill before us caused a few problems because they had 20,000 followers on social media, I think they thought the gig was beneath them.  Yeah seriously that happened!

If you’ve got that type of attitude you better be the next Sex Pistols, Oasis, or some other incredible force of nature to be able to back it up! You also don’t stand around holding court on stage when the next band is meant to be setting up – these kind of stories spread really quickly around the old music world and never do anyone any good.

So… fuelled by ‘Anger is an Energy’ we hit the stage and began our set with the Dirty Slide Blues number ‘When the Light comes Down’.  The venue managed to capture this on Facebook Live, you can check it out below!

The set gradually became more and more intense, more electric, culminating in a 30 / 35 minute cover of Jimi Hendrix’s Red House, which morphed into something else entirely! A Cosmic Volcano.

I would LOVE to see a video of the later parts of the set – if you were there and have any footage – please give me a shout! 

It was a bit of a special gig that.  If you were there, you were there – if you weren’t – like me (I was somewhere else) you can only begin to imagine what it sounded like!!!

Lisa Robertson (C)
Lisa Robertson (C)

A massive thanks to everyone who came to our set on Friday, I remember coming out of my guitar trance for a few seconds and thinking ‘there’s a lot of people here, must be nearly 1AM!’ it was a real buzz to fry your brains.

I’m planning to do a blog about the Saturday and Sunday night as well, just as soon as the Fuzz clears!!

Mike x

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