You can find some of my older releases below.

I write, record and produce music nearly every day and have done for years, The amount of music I have on my hard drive, compared to my musical output in terms of releases makes absolutely no-sense! (I have been busy for a decade gigging, but still!)

I’m working hard to try to remedy this quite unique problem, starting with the Last Bee on Earth Debut Album release.  I work in a quantum fashion, meaning I may be working on the next 3 albums all at the same time!

I don’t work to linear time when I have to.  But I can use a clock when required 🙂 

It sounds messy, but I promise you, The universe has a way of sticking things together when they’re ready to be stuck. 

My new music has grown so much, in terms of quality, message and appeal.  I can’t wait to show everyone what I’ve been cooking these last few years! We’re going to back this new Horse… it has massive legs and it IS going to travel!! 🙂 

My instagram and facebook feeds are always full of new experiments, including Facebook Live performances, Meditations, Song Clips.  So that’s the places to follow me for all the latest creations! 

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