Mike Bee is a Singer Songwriter, Guitarist in The Winachi Tribe, Music Producer and Multi-Instrumentalist from Warrington, UK.  

My new Album ‘Prism Break’ is released on May 11th
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Taking us on a unique musical journey, Last Bee Combines a wide range of musical genres and influences, including psychedelic rock, folk, electronica and hip hop, moulding them together into a distinctive sound and sonic perception of the world.    

My music is about rising human consciousness, breaking through Dimensional barriers and looking for something greater inside of us.  Looking for that ‘key’ to escape the Prism we’ve found ourselves caught up in.  You know, the standard stuff! 


I’m just a traditional singer songwriter really, who fell into a black hole in space-time, kinda liked it there, became multi-dimensional and never came back!

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