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Schrodinger’s Cat Is out of the bag, I have Paraded my last Purple Axe…

Schrodinger’s Cat Is out of the bag, I have swung my last Purple Axe…
After an amazing 2 and a bit year adventure my time in Purple Heart Parade has come to an end. Firstly, I’d like to personally thank all the lads in the band for some amazing times. You’re the only band I ever asked to join, and ultimately the only band I’ve had to leave as well.
After about 2 years holed up in the recording studio, being part of a live band was exactly what I needed to kick-start live gigging again when I was in danger of going Syd Barrett. So I thank you for accepting the guitarist invitation and re-igniting the guitar prowess from session to live again.
They’ll be lots of speculation [which I’m not going to get into] but it was a personal decision taken by myself and I wish the band all the best in the future. [Fuck knows you deserve it!]
I could never be in a band with people I don’t get on with, so for me it was the friendship that acted as the glue. Highlights for me were travelling out to Portugal for the amazing Reverence Festival, Liverpool Psych Fest, The Cosmosis Festivals as well as countless gigs along the way (which have merged into one giant memory collage in my head!) There’s also that weekend at Secret Garden Party where we first met… the infamous, Cakeyman! (sshhhhh, don’t say it 3 times)
One Gigantic Festival Crowd, singing your songs back at you... Bliss.
One Gigantic Festival Crowd, singing your songs back at you… Bliss.
Double-Firstly (Secondly can sound rude) I’d like to thank all the amazing friends, fans and acquaintances I’ve met along the way. I knew many of you via The Psych Apocalypse Radio Show and have grown to know you a lot better since, be it in Manchester, London, or Globally.
You’ll still see me around at gigs and festivals, I’m not dead yet! Christ, I’ve not even begun 😉
A band with a true fan-base is something to be treasured, so I treasure you. Bands need fans like you and Fans need bands like Purple Heart Parade.
I don’t know whether the recordings we did together will ever see the light of day, but whatever happens in the future – It’s been a privilege to be part of one of Manchester’s greatest bands slaying the sonic highway side-by-side with the Kings of Weatherfield.
Mike xx
Purple Heart Parade – Official Website

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