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The Grand Illusion at Tarry Fest

Last month our new band ‘The Grand Illusion’ took to the stage for our 2nd ever gig, at the first Tarry Fest in Warrington.

For those not in the know, Craig Tarry was the manager of Warrington band Viola Beach and Hidden Charms.

The Grand Illusion is currently in ‘build’ mode, writing and recording tracks and getting our natural power trio groove up to full power, but when we asked to be part of this very special event, Myself Bob and Craig couldn’t turn down the opportunity to show our support for a great cause and a top lad.

Can’t actually believe this happened a month ago already, we were waiting for some official footage from the day to make it’s way to us before posting this blog, but times speeding up and moving on now!

(C) Chris Lopez
(C) Chris Lopez
(C) Chris Lopez

A massive thanks to everyone who came to watch our set and all the amazing comments afterwards.  We’re just getting warmed up but your love was welcome and special! x

A big shout-out to all the bands involved who played brilliant sets.  It was great to see / hear Exile Parade again and Hidden Charms ‘charmed’ everyone in attendance.  Ohasis also deserve a big mention for creating a mini-knebworth type of atmosphere at the end of the night! I said to the other half “I’ll just stay for 2 songs”, 1 hour later I’d relieved 1996 all over again!

Here’s to a 2017 Tarryfest! x

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