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the 66 – Surprise Gig at Speke Hall (behind the scenes video)

After months of being sworn to secrecy, the 66 took to the stage at Speke Hall last weekend for the 1st gig in 4 years!
the 66 live at Speke Hall
When we first started the band there was a regular visitor to our practice room and his name was Phil (Pink Floyd) Lloyd. He documented our early practices, made fan videos and also set up the 66 fan club on YouTube. We didn’t ask him to do this, but we were happy that he did!

Every couple of months I’ll go back and look at that early video footage, it brings back all sorts of memories, some sad, but most happy. [Depends on how I’m feeling!]
Before our fan-base grew quite substantially, it was Phil who rounded up our first fans from Great Sankey (A place in Warrington where Me, Rimmer and Wilson all lived within a mile of each other) and before we knew it, we had over 100 raucous lads storming Manchester’s Dry Bar for our 2nd Manchester Gig. Every band needs that type of initial support, not many are lucky enough to get it. Sometimes the magic just clicks like that.
Our last gig as The 66 was Christmas 2012, where we did a special Christmas Gig (something we used to do every year) at our spiritual home, ‘The Lounge’ in Warrington, with Danny’s picture [which usually hangs on the lounge wall] held aloft watching it all happen.
the 66 lounge
You may have heard of the venue due to it’s close association with Warrington heroes ‘Viola Beach’. The Lounge has a lot of Warrington musical history considering how long it’s been open, tinged with sadness, hope, joy and fine music. Oh yeah. Alcohol as well!
When Phil approached us about doing the gig, I said yes straight away. The chance to get the band back together again and play in-front of our 1st true fan-base was too much.
For me the best bit about this gig is the wedding guests didn’t have a clue it was going to happen. Mr Lloyd hadn’t told a single SOUL about it.  I’ve been getting messages lately pleading for the 66 to get back together, even for just 1 more gig.  Obviously I couldn’t say anything, so a white deflection lie was used instead!
There was a great buzz as Lloyd announced us to the wedding guests and the curtains slowly pulled back as we launched into ‘Bordello’.
Check out this Behind the Scenes video!
As you can see, we intended to stream the gig across Facebook.  Amazingly, this actually worked with no technical difficulties! I spotted about 200 viewers at the time.
What Didn’t work, was Facebook deciding to remove the video for copyright reasons straight after it was streamed.  Ridiculous considering I own the copyright!!! But that’s the new world isn’t it?
The Social Police State…
In many ways, I suppose it makes the gig more mysterious.  But if you weren’t there, or online on Friday night, you’ll just have to imagine what it was like!
Unless you get another chance to watch us…
Who knows! 😉

MANY THANKS TO ALISON FEARN for the photographs.  You can also watch a video of Bordello from the night on our Facebook Fan Page.

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