The Psychedelic (Radio) Apocalypse

In 2014 Mike joined Manchester’s largest Independent Radio Station as producer and presenter of ‘The Psych Apocalypse Radio Show’, focusing on Rock, Blues, Electro, Acoustic and anything else under the (very expansive) Psychedelic Music Umbrella.


Consisting of a 2 hour weekly show, with ‘sometimes’ co-presenter Craig Harman, plus additional specials covering prestigious festivals like Liverpool Psychedelic Festival, Cosmosis Festival and Manchester Psych Festival.


The show was a great success attracting listeners and fans from all over the globe with its mix of Eclectic music, comedy, exclusive interviews and mild derangement!

“I have clear memories of being a 9 year old child, Dictaphone in hand and a Tape Player to record the Charts, pretending to be a radio presenter! So when I got the chance produce and host my own show I jumped straight in.  I never imagined I’d actually win an award for it! considering my prestigious colleagues and the talent at the station, I was absolutely overwhelmed.  I always knew there was some kind of future in talking, carefully constructed, nonsense!”


Make sure you check out the Mixcloud Archive for over 68 hours of the finest in cutting edge psychedelic music




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