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The guitar is an instrument like no-other.  It can add extra dimensions to songs, bring electronic sample based music to life, launch revolutions, make grown men cry!

It’s a real ‘world builder’ of an instrument.

The guitar is my obsession, closely followed by the recording studio.

I currently have 2 private studio set-ups and use both analogue and digital recording platforms, plus a variety of amps, pedals and techniques to get the desired sound, flavours and impact to enhance YOUR music in the best way possible. (please see my full gear list below)

No matter if you’re a musician looking to add guitar parts, or a producer looking for a guitarist for ongoing projects, I can help.  More importantly, I’d love to help!


How does this work?

Step Number 1… we need talk!

We can communicate via email, social media, Skype or even Phone (yes, a real voice!) whatever suits you.  We can then discuss your songs, project and what it is you’re looking for.  If you’re unsure, I have over 20 years of playing guitar in a variety of styles to help you build your vision.  

It could be a simple acoustic track to add some weight, or something a little more cosmic! 

Step Number 2… send me your music! 

I will add my guitar parts and send you an MP3 preview back for your approval 

Step Number 3… are you happy?

Do you want some changes or something a little different?

That’s okay! we work together until you are happy with the parts. (within reason!)

Once you are happy, I will send you an invoice payable by Paypal or Bank Transfer.  

Once paid I will send you a Dropbox link to your Guitar tracks in AIFF, WAV or mp3 format to place into your mix.  If you also want dry versions of the tracks to work with, that’s also possible. 


Go on… How Much? 

Probably not as much as you think! I work on project by project basis with simple projects starting at around £60 per track.


Let's talk Guitar parts...

Studio and Equipment

This is the part I usually love reading on other peoples websites! I’ve kept this mainly guitar related, the web can only handle so much information!

Spaceship Lab No.1


Recording / Console Interfaces / Monitoring

ITOM London 10/4 MKII – Custom Built Vintage Analogue Desk from the early 70’s, has a connection to Bob – The channels, EQ and limiter on this desk are quite simply – incredible!

Soundtracs MRX 32 Large Format Recording Console – Aka – The big guy! Vintage British Built Analogue Console with great Mic Pre’s and EQ, Inserts on every channel.

Apogee Duet (1st edition) – Those in the know, know – I tend to use this a lot for single / double channel work as well as monitoring due to the very high quality convertors.  It’s crystal!

Echo AudioFire 12 – 12 in / 12 out Digital to Audio Conversion.

Monitors – ROKIT KRK 6 / Avantone Mixcube Mono Monitor / Roland DS-50A Digital Monitors.

Headphones – KRK Reference Headphones K701 – Industry Standard Reference Headphones.

All recording rooms acoustically treated.  There’s no point forgetting the walls! 


Guitars / Stringed Instruments

1974 Fender Stratocaster with Kinsman Woodstock Pick-ups.  This is my main guitar.  Incredible for Blues, Rock, Jazz, Psychedelia.

Fender Aerodyne FSR Stratocaster (Special Run) – Slimline Crafted in Japan Strat with 22 jumbo frets.  Incredible for precision and speed playing.  The sports car of Strats!

Fender Jaguar – CIJ Limited Edition Gold – Perfect for Blues, Rock, Surf and Psychedelia.  Loves a tremolo effect!

Takamine EAN10C Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Cutaway Guitar – Top of the range Electro Acoustic.  I’ve had this guitar for over 10 years, it gets better and better with age!

Acoustic Parlour Guitar (built by LEIF HANSSON) Highly sought after guitar from the 1970’s built by Norway’s master builder Leif Hansson.  Perfect for Blues, Delta, Fingerpicking, Acoustic, Folk.

4x Nylon Acoustics – Various makes and models

Danelectro Dead on 67 – I love this guitar! Really good for Slide and has a great full sound.

I also have access to a wide range of other brand guitars such as Gibson and Epiphone models.

Effects / Processing / Amp

TC Electronics Nova System – State of the Art Multi-Effects Unit, analog sounds with digital control.

Vox Stomplab MK11 – Brilliant little effects unit with Wah and lots of sonic possibilities.

TC Electronics Flashback X4 – Incredible Delays, Looping Function.

Electro Harmonix Ravish Sitar Pedal – Does what it says on the tin – Ravishing!

Jim Dunlop Cry Baby Wah Pedal – Wah Wah Wah!

BOSS Pedals – GE-7 Equalizer / Flanger BF-2 / PH2 Phaser / OC2 Super Octave

PLUGINS – Wide collection of plugins including Native Instruments Guitar Rig and Waves Collection.

AmpsMARSHALL JCM 800 – Special 100 watt edition / VOX CC15 / Orange Tiny Terror / Vintage Selmer Treble and Bass (I also have access to many other makes of amplifier)

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