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A Quest Called ‘Winachi’ Tribe and the never-ending Last Bee album story.

After standing on guitar duties for a Winachi Tribe at a festival appearance earlier in the year (I think it was earlier in the year, my grasp of linear time is loose) I received a phone call a few months later asking if I’d be interested in joining the band on a more permanent basis. 

Warrington Music Festival – Friday Night Fear & Loathing at The Lounge Bar – Local Paper Interview

It’s Wednesday, a good 3 days after Warrington Music Festival finished but my head is still full of the fuzz!

Album Update – It’s like that Film, Final Destination! Or Alien.

Greetings All! Bit of an update as It’s been a manic couple of months since the release Prologue EP! A Massive thanks to everyone who’s bought, downloaded, or shared the music around the interweb.  There was minimal marketing budget for this release…
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Radio Show Archive

The Psych Apocalypse Radio Show 2014-15   In 2014 Mike joined Manchester’s largest Independent Radio Station http://www.fabradiointernational.com as producer and presenter of ‘The Psych Apocalypse Radio Show’, focusing on Rock, Blues, Electro, Acoustic and anything else under the (very expansive) Psychedelic Music…
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