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Meet The ‘Last Bee on Earth’ – Techno-Magical Folk Apocalyptic Melancholy Headaches!

Time… Where does it go? One second you’re contemplating plans for 2017 (which I did, heavily!) and the next minute you look up from your Recording Console and it’s nearly April!!! You may recall at the beginning of the year…
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Welcome to my Dimension!

We must have known each other in the other worlds.   Check out my 2 New Albums!   Solar Kantari – Music from the 5th Dimension (Meditation and Soundtrack)    Composted entirely in 432hz this is my first Release under…
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Stream / Download

 ‘Music from the 5th Dimension’ by Solar Kantari is Available NOW!  Stream / Download on BANDCAMP  https://kantarimeditationandsound.bandcamp.com/album/music-from-the-5th-dimension-432hz   Akasha EP (432hz) 6 track album by ‘Last Bee on Earth’ Out NOW! Stream / Download on BANDCAMP  https://lastbeeonearth.bandcamp.com/album/akasha Available on I-Tunes…
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