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Winachi L.A Tour Blog – The Goose that kept on Giving!

This is a living blog, meaning I’ll go back and update as more footage and memories emerge.  I don’t want to tempt fate, but I’m sat here in sunny Warrington, the day after returning from the latest Winachi Tribe assault…
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6 months later… A catch-up on California and the Giant Winachi Bear!

A lot can happen in 6 months…  I don’t work to Linear time, but even I was surprised to wake up this morning and discover we’re half way through 2018.  I even counted the months on my fingers just to…
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A Quest Called ‘Winachi’ Tribe and the never-ending Last Bee album story.

After standing on guitar duties for a Winachi Tribe at a festival appearance earlier in the year (I think it was earlier in the year, my grasp of linear time is loose) I received a phone call a few months later asking if I’d be interested in joining the band on a more permanent basis. 

Welcome to my Dimension!

We must have known each other in the other worlds.   I have A LOT of brand new Albums Out at the Moment, it’s been a busy couple of months! Solar Kantari – Welcome Back to the Universe (Guitar Meditations) …
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Stream / Download

 ‘Music from the 5th Dimension’ by Solar Kantari is Available NOW!  Stream / Download on BANDCAMP  https://kantarimeditationandsound.bandcamp.com/album/music-from-the-5th-dimension-432hz   Akasha EP (432hz) 6 track album by ‘Last Bee on Earth’ Out NOW! Stream / Download on BANDCAMP  https://lastbeeonearth.bandcamp.com/album/akasha Available on I-Tunes…
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