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6 months later… A catch-up on California and the Giant Winachi Bear!

A lot can happen in 6 months… 

I don’t work to Linear time, but even I was surprised to wake up this morning and discover we’re half way through 2018.  I even counted the months on my fingers just to make sure! What about that long January though? What was that all about?

Maybe the cartridge was stuck! (yeah, that may take some investigation)

There’s so much to catch-up on Blog Wise. It’s pretty crazy… the whole year has been one fantastic blur that I can’t quite patch together.  It wasn’t my intention to leave a blog post this long, but I lost my password and even though it was an easy enough job to sort, I fell into the Vortex!

Our Immense Winachi Tribe trip to Hollywood, California, seems like a good place to start the catch-up! 

I knew things had been planned and we’d be busy when we got there, so I just sat in the flow of it all took it day by day, like the giant adventure it was.  What’s happening next? What day is it?

It’s been about 17 years since I was first on the West Coast, about a week off being able to legally drink. (great timing that) so this was going to be a very different type of experience! the great thing about not drinking anymore, is that I can enjoy a drink without worry about…

I’ve completely lost track, the AA post is next week!

Without tracking back through the immense amount of press and social media that occurred from the trip, I can’t quite piece together a timeline of all the things we did, but let me try and summarise as best as I can using some visual!

The journey is long and deep… all you can do is marvel at the patterns and Giant Snowmen on the ground, watch junk on Lucifers flying dream box and abuse your song archive.  And Drink! 








Jet-Lag is a real thing… a strange thing… an otherworldly mind f*ck of grand proportions that turns even the most handsome of men into slobbering monsters, but hey… we landed and we’re in LA!!! A short walk after we set-up our band-base in Burbank.

The glorious souls of Music Tribe, which include the Pro Audio giants  Behringer, TC Electronic, TC Helicon, Midas, are very cool people and provided me with this very cool Bugera Amp for the US Tour plus a TC Electronic Nova System which I use back here in the UK.  

The very nice Mexican Telecaster was also provided by our good friend and Winachi Tribe Guru Chris Hinds.  We were sitting in the apartment and he literally pulled the guitar out of his left shoe!! Amazing.  There’s a whole Research and Development Division going on in there! x








Our first show at Harvard and Stone is hard to pin-point time wise.  It feels like we played it coming straight off of the plane, but I’m sure there were some hours or maybe a day in-between.  Obviously our equipment was sorted.  I just don’t know! What I do know is that the turn-out stateside for our first gig was incredible.  

Lot’s of cool faces including Paul Ryder from the Happy Mondays and Daisy O Dell who remixed our single Transition.  Our new favourite person and producer John X (who has worked with everyone from Bowie, The Rolling Stones, to Ice Cube) also came to check out the live band before we visited him at his incredible studio near Venice Beach.

We visited the Robert Zemeckis centre for Performing Arts and did some American Breakfast TV at the USC campus.  This is where the stars of the future and moulded and built! 😉

This went out on Live Stream via their YouTube.  I also travelled back in time, but this was only playing out in my mind.  Due to the Jet-Lag and associating Robert Zemeckis with Back to the Future.

















The walk to 7-Eleven in the early hours is a worthy ritual for the soul, even if the produce isn’t! I’m lying… I nailed that GMO Coffee and strange breakfast food stuff.  (No picture Evidence)  


We visited San Fransisco to play a show.  We played the show.  We sacrificed the god of in-ear monitors in a public ritual and to top it off, we got asked by an ex Army Vet Barman if we were in ISIS. 

You’ve got to keep your shit together in this country… it’s a beautiful (and scary) thing to see the confusion that our tribe of musical warriors brings to all the onlookers.  It’s like the Funk mothership has arrived to educate the masses.  Even walking down the street turns into a major f**king event!









This man is called Gary Young.  He’s our world class sound engineer, tour manager, driver and he REALLY likes Indian food.  More than the average person.  

He’s also extremely dangerous to Animals and the general population.  Especially Americans. 






We visited the magnificent Earthstar Creation Centre near Venice Beach to record a track with super producer and all round super dude John X Volaitis.  John’s worked with so many stellar artists, his Discogs is deep!

I was really excited to be heading to his studio.  If you know me, you also know I’m a studio nut! It didn’t disappoint.  Earthstar is my dream home.  It’s actually very similar to my little studio in the garden, apart from not being 6foot by 10foot, having incredible hardware installed and the small matter of John being sat behind the desk instead of me!

I’ve gotta say… I’ve never had such a pleasurable and easy recording experience.  The atmosphere, location, people… John letting me do my Blues improv and rolling with it… what a blast! The track is called ‘Funky but Chic’ and I’m pretty sure is Mother Destiny has her say you’ll be hearing it pretty much everywhere in the coming months!! 😉


We visited the HQ of Music Tribe Studios in Chatsworth to do a Live Stream for them.  When you’re prepping for these things you obviously know what’s happening but I won’t lie, my head took a little wobble when I realised it was going out via the main Behringer Facebook Page! to be accurate, it was leg that took a wobble! I counted 2 twitches which is a new personal record.  

If you’re on Facebook You can Watch the Stream Here By Clicking the Links Below!




It’s amazing to have the backing of such a large company like Music Tribe, we’re also the featured artist in Episode 1 of their Music Tribe Profiles, as well as quite a few other videos that have been making the rounds.

Massive love to Frank and all the team at Chatsworth that are given us so much support!





Days Off Usually End up Like This!


Thanks if you’ve made it through this immense blog post! I haven’t even covered half of it to be honest but I needed to start somewhere!  

Now I’ve got the keys back I’ll be updating it more frequently.  There’s still so much more news to share!!! 


Mike xx

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