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Winachi L.A Tour Blog – The Goose that kept on Giving!

This is a living blog, meaning I’ll go back and update as more footage and memories emerge. 

I don’t want to tempt fate, but I’m sat here in sunny Warrington, the day after returning from the latest Winachi Tribe assault on the West Coast, thinking I may have conquered the jet lag and transferred back to my original timeline!

I’m still on L.A time, speak in a strange goose langauge, but I’m trying to trick myself into resetting. I did sleep though, something that doesn’t always happen on Tour.  An Eccles Cake is assisting the Transition back to the UK holographic template.

That was a really successful trip, culminating with our support slot to The Charlatans at the mega Teragram Ballroom in downtown L.A.  Northwich, Warrington and Yorkshire combining for a momentous night.  6000 miles away!

There was more that happened though, lots more!

With a few warm up shows under the belt before the Teragram we also paid a visit to our good friends at MUSIC TRIBE, for our second live stream event which went out across the massive BEHRINGER Facebook page.

Behringer Live Stream

They also helped provide our rehearsal space, plus gear for this trip with some mega equipment by BUGERA and TC ELECTRONIC for me and Richie Rich to play our string things through.

Social Love

We also returned back to the Earthstar Creation Centre near Venice Beach to record some new material with our Spirit Animal, the ace John X Volantis.

Outside Earthstar (photo by Anne Autio)

The tracks sound incredible, they’re going to cause some Global Funk Eruptions across the globe for sure!

That’s about all I’ve got for now, its 2pm but ive got a strong sensation to close my eyes and dream!

However, I have put the 1st video blog together, leading upto our 1st Warm UP GIG at The Blackthorn Pub just outside of Crenshaw.

They’ll be more to add… A 2nd part, I just need to de-goose a little!

Big love to Frank, Mike and Serenity at Music Tribe for all their love and support. To Anne Autio for her social media skills and coolness and to Bethany and Mark for the support and love, Harry the Dog, and to our man with his feet on all grounds Chris Hinds and anyone else I’ve lost in the Haze! x

A special mention to our very own CHIPS, Gary and Niall (Giall) for protecting the City of L.A as well as the Tribe.


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