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Brand New Alt-Rock-Psych-Punk ‘Holy Hand Grenade’ Album, Out Now 01/05 Bandcamp Friday

I guess I was always going to be productive during the Apocalypse… Following the release of my New Album ‘The Great Solar Flash’ a couple of weeks ago, it seems the higher-power wasn’t finished with my quite yet. There was…
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This Album was unexpected, to me, but right on time.   Written and Recorded over the last 2 weeks during Lockdown at my home studio, I present the follow up to ‘Prism Break’,  ‘The Great Solar Flash’  Released as a…
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Akasha (432hz) Meditative Ep is Out Now!

As of 11/11 which is NOW, my brand new 6 track album ‘Akasha’ 432hz is Available for your listening pleasure! Compared to the 3rd Dimensional Skin Shedding of ‘Prism Break’ you’re in for a much deeper, meditative journey with Akasha!…
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GOD PUZZLE EP is Out Now! Sacred Sound and how it came to… BEE!

Me again! back from a little down time. I’m delighted to say my New EP ‘God Puzzle’, a 3 track Acoustic, Ambient, Meditative Journey is now available for free Download or Donation. Download God Puzzle Now You can read about…
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